TRC Partnership Lead Team
Chris Corbett, Linda Moore, Angela Simper, Brock Gibson onsite at Horizon Health
About TRC

Putting the Health of Rural Hospitals and Communities First

It’s Not About US

Our goal is that our partner hospitals and clinics yield real, tangible success.   Success in not only in financial areas, but also wins with emotional success, employee growth and patient relationship success.  It is the boosted morale of employees; the comfort level of nurses, the loyalty of administrators and clinical staff, and in the degree to which the staff feels confident that the hospital is solvent, strong and moving forward.  All of these tie our passion together, to help our partners win in all four corners of their operations. 

“We made a commitment very early on that we would never make a decision that is based on only our best interests. We are pro “others” first, and we know that if we stay true to that belief, people will want to work with us and will know that we put our full passion and energy into serving them.”
Brock Gibson
CEO T.R.C. Partnership Services

TRC Partnership Services

Rural Hospitals Most Valued Partner for Exclusive RCM Services

Fill an Industry Gap

Our team has spent decades collectively working hands-on in the hospital revenue space,  using the same EHR applications you use every day. 

During this time we became acutely aware how EHR systems are designed primarily for larger inner city hospitals,  and many unique needs of smaller locations are not addressed well or missed altogether.  Training for these extensive tools is often rushed, leaving many employees lacking expertise on how to manage complex EHR workflows.  It is also more difficult in rural areas to find staffing who are highly capable of using an EHR system in efficient ways, for billing or other revenue cycle purposes.  This leaves many rural hospitals and clinics falling through the cracks.   

TRC can fill these gaps and help your team gain the education they need to run everything themselves, or can partner up with us for long term growth and maintenance.  Together, your team and our EHR experts can help turn unrealized losses into gains, thus yielding substantial returns on your investment in our program. 

TRC Partnership Team onsite at Hodgeman County Health Center
Chris Corbett, Clark Redus, Angela Simper, Brock Gibson, Gina Lewis, Mike Saltis

ROI with TRC Partnership Services

We pride ourselves that we typically exceed expectations, with a 10-40% increases in annual reimbursements. Some hospitals have seen increases of over $100,000 per year.

Use Our Services as Needed 

We can partner together in many different ways.  If your hospital has people who handle billing, we can work with them one-on-one, teach them how to fully use their EHR and get them up to speed, especially if they’re utilizing TRC+, our business intelligence dashboard. You tell us what you need and we’ll provide that service for you handily and wholeheartedly.  

Our Promise of Improvement  

We don’t offer to do business with you unless we believe we can increase your returns and do so substantially. Once we’re fortunate enough to have you as a client/partner and we’re providing billing services, we establish goals by looking at the current baseline net collection that you’re getting on average. We look at your previous 18 months of data and mutually agree that that’s the absolute minimum in reimbursements we will obtain in the same time period.  Our intention is always to exceed those expectations. 

The TRC Team

At TRC, our team is passionately dedicated to enhancing your Revenue Cycle performance. We understand the significance of a streamlined and efficient revenue cycle management process, and that’s why our team goes above and beyond to deliver optimal results. Through our expertise, extensive knowledge, and cutting-edge technologies, we strive to maximize your revenue potential and minimize any operational obstacles in the revenue cycle. Our commitment to improving your financial outcomes is reflected in our team’s unwavering dedication and deep understanding of the revenue cycle ecosystem.