We can provide a reduction in denials on claims that is hard to match in the industry. Each client differs, but it’s not uncommon for TRC to lower billing denials by 20%

Billing and Reimbursement Services

A Specific Challenge for Rural Hospitals

At TRC, our mission is to partner with you in ensuring accurate billing and successful recoupment of the funds you are due for clinical and other services. Regrettably, bad debt and uncollectible balances continue to climb across America, most notably in rural hospitals. 

There has been a substantial rise in the amount of uncollectible “bad debt” written off by all hospitals during the recent years. In rural areas, the reimbursement rate is barely about 30% of billables. The Healthcare Financial Management Association reports that a growing number of rural hospitals have reached financial instability, or even had to close their doors. In the last ten years, at least 120 rural hospitals have had to cease operations altogether.

Increasing Reimbursement Rates

Using technological tools such as our TRC+ Dashboard and our decades of hands on experience with EHR systems, we can pinpoint billing bottlenecks and work to get revenue flowing again. TRC Plus+ connects with your EHR and can drill down to isolate errors and missed opportunities and trends, including medical billing and coding errors, procedural (CPT) codes and CPT modifier codes.  Our skills lie in tracking every aspect and nuance of a claim. first to ensure accuracy then to point the way toward remedy and remuneration of uncollected revenue.

Achieve Maximum EHR Efficiency with T.R.C. Partnership Services

At T.R.C. Partnership Services, our team of dedicated professionals can offer you the invaluable knowledge and expertise required to maximize your EHR and healthcare experience.  Our services are tailored to bridge the gap between healthcare functionality and EHR optimization.

Our experts are available 1-1, in real time, to log into your system and give specialized instructions and encouragement on how to improve upon areas that need extra attention and efficiency. We can provide personalized teaching and training and offer real-time assistance to help clients master their system and increase efficiency. Furthermore, if you need help with clean-up, claims, coding, accounts receivable, or a sudden influx of claims, you can always count on us to help take the burden away.

One of our primary goals at TRC is to help our customers make sure they are billing accurately, effectively and successfully.  Unfortunately, across America, and especially for rural hospitals, the balance sheet for accounts receivable is increasingly ailing.

There has been a substantial rise in the amount of uncollectible “bad debt” written off by all hospitals during the recent years. Right now, across the country, in rural areas, the reimbursement rate is barely about 30% of billables.

According to the Healthcare Financial Management Association, an increased number of hospitals, especially those in rural areas, are not only teetering financially, but have actually had to close their doors. In the past decade, at least 120 rural hospitals nationwide have shut down permanently.

We recognize that part of the difficulty in rural facilities is not only a shortage of understanding of how to optimize EHR, but a shortage of human resources with a depth of training and understanding to use EHR fully and efficiently.  Our goal is to help clients navigate the financial aspects of the healthcare environment and bridge the gap between healthcare and EHR functionality.  

At T.R.C. Partnership Services, your team is a collective of experts at billing, reimbursement and other revenue cycle management services, and who are specialized for rural hospitals and clinics. We dive into the EHR with you – logging in to your system and teaming up with you in real time on a 1-1 basis. We provide teaching, training, help and encouragement to enhance your skills in areas that can use improvement and boosted efficiency.

If you’re not following up on your coding or if accounts receivable is out of control or you need help with clean-up, we will be there for you. If suddenly 2,000 new claims are dropped on your hospital over the weekend, call us and we’ll be online ready to take the burden and worry off your back.

More Billing and Reimbursement Services

An outline of the many services we can assist with in billing and reimbursement areas.  

Across the country, in rural areas the reimbursement rate is barely about 30% of billables.

  • Midwest — 36.98%
  • NortEHRn Plains — 35.51%
  • Mountain — 32.94%
  • Northeast — 32.84%
  • Southeast — 31.36%
  • SoutEHRn Plains — 30.06%
  • Pacific — 26.91%
  • South Central — 25.34%

At TRC, our goal is to close this gap for our clients.  Rural hospitals should not simply survive, but prevail.

T.R.C. Partnership

Billing and Reimbursement Services

Reduce Billing Denials

T.R.C has reduced billing denials in some cases by 20%.  Let us work on reducing yours.