TRC Plus+ Business Intelligence Dashboard

Bring Your EHR Financial Health into Focus

Our TRC Plus Business Intelligence Dashboard is a powerful tool that make it easier than ever to view and track the financial health of your community hospital or group practice. With dynamic automated internal reporting, it is easier than ever to: 

  • Identify trends and outliers
  • Proactively anticipate denials
  • Track claims data by payer, provider and diagnosis
  • Gain a clear insight into profitability.

TRC Plus+ Alerts for Improvement Opportunities

By continuously analyzing and improving the claims process, a hospital can improve its financial performance and better serve its patients. Our experts work with your team to train them how to use this powerful tool, and we partner together in developing long term winning action plans.

An example: To analyze claims in the revenue cycle, we start by collecting and organizing data on claims process, including information on denied claims, average time to process a claim, and payer mix. TRC Plus helps identify any bottlenecks or inefficiencies in the process and can highlight opportunities to implement changes. In this case, if the hospital is experiencing a high rate of denied claims, it could invest in training for staff on how to properly file claims or switch to a different billing software that is better equipped to handle the hospital’s specific needs. 

Our team is trained to identify these potential issues, help bring that training into existance and can even deliver it, leaving your staff to continue focussing on daily responsibilities.


CLEAR VISION. Our dashboard provides a vivid snapshot of your data, with user-friendly visuals that help you track and make sense day to day operations. From here you can uncover actionable insights and gain valuable clarity to make decisions necessary for financial and functional EHR success.

  • Easily identify trends & outliers
  • Observe denials proactively
  • Track claims data by payer, provider & diagnosis
  • See profitability by payer, provider & diagnosis
  • Payment & Adjustment Analysis


HIGH-LEVEL ANALYSIS.   Our AI-driven technology will give you on-demand insights into your finances, allowing you to make more informed decisions and increase your profits. We provide complete transparency and reliability to give you the confidence you need to have top RCM performance.

  • Claims analysis
  • Charges analysis
  • Payer behavior analysis
  • Denials analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Billing trends,
  • Patient payment patterns and history


IDENTIFY AND OPTIMIZE.  Our AI-driven solutions can catch previously missed data points, such as finding new patient populations, to give you actionable intelligence and tailored strategies to optimize  performance.  Target the best ROI and improve the bottom line.  

  • Research and identify new patient populations
  • Once opportunities present themselves facilities can then focus attention on tasks that give higher returns 

T.R.C. Partnership Key Features

Our AI-driven solution provides on-demand insights, so you can save time and maximize efficiency while regaining control of your finances. With us as your virtual financial analytics team, you’ll have the resources and expertise you need to make smarter decisions to ensure success. Let us work together to create a brighter future for you and your business.

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Business Intelligence Dashboard

Bringing Your EHR into Focus