Revenue Cycle Management Services Designed For Your Facility

An Overview of Our Program  

At T.R.C. Partnership Services, our personalized service takes a holistic approach to helping you navigate the complexities of running your hospital or clinic – from registration and billing to inventory management and coding, financials, labs and clinics – we help you identify areas of challenge, and propose action plans specific to your needs. 

Our team of experts have experienced it all, and we know that no two hospitals are alike. That’s why our initial discovery meeting is designed to investigate issues unique to your facility. Once our proposal for an onsite assessment is considered, our team joins you on site for a few days to do a deep dive into all relevant area. From this we design tailor-made action plans built around the departments needing assistance. 

Our engagement can be short or long term according to your business needs, however, many of our engagements extend to years because of our gains, and become more permanent collaboration.   We are committed to helping you develop effective strategies and processes to ensure optimal performance in every area.  

Why Choose TRC Partnership Services:

  • Experienced team: Our experts have extensive experience in revenue cycle management and have successfully worked with numerous hospitals and clinics.
  • Customized approach: We understand that each facility has unique challenges and requirements. We tailor our solutions to suit your specific needs.
  • Results-driven: Our goal is to deliver measurable results and sustainable improvements in your revenue cycle performance. 
  • Continuous support: Even after the initial year-long engagement, our team will continue to provide support and guidance to ensure ongoing success.

Embark on a transformative journey with TRC Partnership Services to enhance not only your Revenue Cycle but also your overall financial stability. By partnering with our experienced team, you can optimize your revenue cycle operations and achieve sustainable financial success. Contact us today to start your journey towards revenue cycle excellence.

Partnering with TRC Partnership Services:
A Year-Long Journey to Revenue Cycle Excellence

Example Schedule for
Onsite and Offsite Planning and Support

We are committed to helping hospitals and clinics optimize their revenue cycle.  Our team of experts will guide you through a comprehensive analysis, strategic planning, implementation, and continuous monitoring to ensure sustainable financial success.
Join us on a year-long journey towards revenue cycle excellence.

Discovery Call

Initial Engagement

During the initial phase, our team will conduct a thorough review of your facility's revenue cycle operations. Our experts will analyze your key performance indicators (KPIs), reimbursement rates, denials, coding and billing processes, and revenue leakage points. We will identify gaps, bottlenecks, and areas for improvement.

• Discovery Call - A non-sales introductory call. We want to know about your hospital, and we want you to be aware of our service offerings.
• Signing of BAA to obtain login credentials to gain insight into the EHR system.

First 90 Days

Analyzing Your Current Revenue Cycle

Online Analysis

Report Gathering and Data Review

After the reporting is all pulled together we gather to discuss. Generally, 40-60% of problems are shared across all hospitals, and we can discuss tried and tested solutions for these. We then discuss issues unique to your facility.

From here we we make plans for an onsite assessment lasting two to three days, in which our team collaborates closely with your leadership team and staff from each relevant department.

• Online Assessment – Purely data driven analysis of Financials, Revenue Cycle, and Clinicals.
• Online Assessment Debrief – We review what we observed in your EHR environment.

Onsite Analysis

In-Person Assessment

Upon arriving onsite, we collaborate directly with: Registration, Business Office, Billing & Coding, Inventory Management, Clinic & Labs, and Financial & Accounting. A close partnership with leadership, administration, and all staff members in each department can help us gain a comprehensive understanding of issues that may require attention that show outside of regular reporting.

• Onsite Assessment – 2.5-day onsite assessment of: Registrations, Business Office, Billing & Coding, Inventory Management, Clinic & Lab, and Financial & Accounting.
• Daily meetings with leadership and exit meeting at conclusion.
• Onsite Assessment Debrief – We present our assessment results, discuss capacity for change, and define success.
• Contract Discussion

Action Initiated

Begin to Implement Changes/Optimization

We present our assessment, discuss what resources can be allocated for changes and what success looks like for your facility. This could range from employee retention to financial gains — whatever is paramount for the team. It is important that all parties have aligned goals, so we can ensure efforts on either side do not go to waste.

We offer an agreement, a year-long dedication with 30-day cancellation clause, if desired Using project management software and our TRC Plus+ such as, we can plan and manage every task accordingly. Ultimately, we set out to provide the best service we possibly can, one that will make each hospital want to stay with us indefinitely.

• Schedule departmental meetings – We use project management tools and TRC+ to plan and manage every project accordingly.
• Establish weekly/bi-weekly calls.
• Complete second onsite trip.
• Heavy work – Q2 typically focuses on the most pressing issues and larger projects. This quarter typically requires heavy work and participation from both sides.


Developing a Customized Strategy

Continue Reviewing & Reevaluation

Update project list

Once the strategic plan is finalized, our team will assist you in implementing the recommended changes. We will provide comprehensive training to your staff, ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively execute the new processes. This phase may also involve system enhancements, workflow automation, and technology integration to drive efficiency.

• Continue project work.
• Reevaluate project list – completed projects and new projects to focus on.
• Complete third onsite trip.
• Heavy work.


Implementation and Training

Cementing change

Assess the Year

As the new processes are put into practice, our team will closely monitor the impact on your revenue cycle performance. We will track key metrics, identify potential risks or barriers, and address any challenges that arise. Continuous improvement is crucial to ensure long-term success, and we will work collaboratively with your team to further refine and optimize your revenue cycle operations.

• Reassessment.
• Contract discussion.
• 4th onsite trip.
• Lighter Work.


Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

Continued EHR support

Continued Reviewing and Improvement

Our advanced analytics tool, TRC+, will continue to play a vital role in monitoring and analyzing your revenue cycle performance. We will leverage this powerful tool to track key metrics, identify trends, and proactively address any issues that may arise. With real-time data insights, you can make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement.

• Continued analytics from TRC+
• Begin Q4 Reassessment projects
• Continued support to Registration, Business Office, Billing & Coding, Inventory Management, Clinic & Lab, and Financial & Accounting

Q5 & beyond

TRC RCM Services

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We Can Increase Your ROI

In just a few short months we can analyze, identify, and work to resolve any Revenue Cycle and workplace efficiency issues you are having.