Serving Your Patients

by Serving You

T.R.C. Partnership Services is a Veteran-Owned team of Revenue Cycle and EHR experts with the goal of helping rural hospitals and clinics obtain and sustain a healthy revenue base. 

With financial strength as an underlying foundation, we can help your hospital improve productivity, efficiency and profitability. Our partnership can improve hospital and clinical reimbursement rate, optimize workflows, increase employee satisfaction and loyalty and, most importantly, free up staff time for more attentive and appreciated patient care.

Healthy rural hospitals help create healthy, happy communities of people who know where to go for the best possible care. 

Our Services

Revenue Cycle Experts with Cutting Edge Technology
Ensure Your Facilities’ Financial Health

With over 100 years collective experience, our Clinical and EHR experts have a strong passion for serving others.  Our goal is to help rural hospitals and clinics obtain and sustain productive and efficient workflows,  an overall passion to improve rural health care. and in turn, help rural communities thrive.

TRC is founded on the principle of putting our client’s hospital and clinic’s best interests first in all decisions.   We strive to help our partner facilities create a sustainable work environment to increase employee satisfaction, maximize revenue, and enable them to focus on what matters most,  their patients. 


TRC has a variety of services that cover all corners of the hospital, including 

  • Revenue Cycle Management 
  • Business Office  
  • Clinical Management and Function
  • Financial and Accounting 
  • Inventory Management
  • Billing Services 
  • and More

Billing and Reimbursement

We partner with you to ensure your billing and coding is optimal and to get your workflow aligned with the best practices of your current EMR/EHR. We have a proven track record of decreasing denials rates and increasing your overall rate of collections with less work.

General Financial Services

Our pre-built, but customized dashboards reveal data trends that can be turned into actionable items. Our goal is to consistently present to your data in a way that is easy to understand and executable. We also provide remote Accounts Payable and Invoicing services.

TRC Clinical Services

At TRC, we begin by learning where frustrations lie and how to eliminate those frustrations by focusing on your EMR best practice clinical workflows. We prepare and deliver provider and nursing training on industry changes as well as internal opportunities identified during our assessment.

TRC Plus+ Business Intelligence Dashboard

Our AI-driven solution provides on-demand insights, so you can save time and maximize efficiency while regaining control of your finances. With us as your virtual financial analytics team, you’ll have the resources and expertise you need to make smarter decisions and ensure success.

Why choose TRC Partnership Services?

Longevity in Field

Years working with one of the leading EHR companies in the world.

Consultative Expertise

Unmatched consultative capabilities with one-on-one assistance from experts who have worked for years in Rural Community Hospitals

Focused Support Service

Total focus helping rural hospitals and clinics with revenue cycle challenges.

Clinical & EHR Experience

Decades of experience working with hospitals combined with decades of experience in EHR

Tier 1 EHR Support

Decades of experiences working with different EHR Providers. We provide general Tier 1 support to your facility.

Business office insourcing

We work personally with you on your EHR system and train your staff to achieve a high level of accuracy and proficiency in use of EHR data. Your work is not outsourced.

TRC+, our brilliant business intelligence dashboard

Our unique, actionable dashboard offers unlimited drill down capabilities with the ability to isolate 835/837 data that is negatively impacting reimbursement denials that can be readily corrected.

Personal, Virtual Revenue Cycle Coach (RCC)

You gain a personal, virtual revenue cycle coach (RCC) who will provide weekly and monthly virtual calls to discuss workflows and a list of claims that need reviewing.

Specialized Support Service

Get full support for athenaNet EHR hospitals and clinics designed to match how is best for your facility.

No Long-Term Contracts

We promise you will obtain EHR optimization. Able to cancel any time, but you won't want to.

What Our Partners Say

“We needed a company that could be contractually flexible, and this team did just that. Each Critical Access Hospital is unique, and they understand that. They learned about us first, and focused on our unique needs. That makes a big difference.”

CFO - Critical Access Hospital Texas